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Jan 17, 2011

Beware of Plagiarism ...

Thanks to one of the readers of my blog, I came across this entry: That was a complete copy-paste from my top 10 mistakes blog entry. I did a little search and found all of the blog entries are copy-pasted from elsewhere.

Wonder what would be the intention of having such a blog :-(


  1. I've found there are normally a couple of reasons:

    1) Advertising - the copier has plastered their page in adverts and is making money from the content

    2) Self-promotion - they want to intentionally make it look like their article so that they get the credit from the people who see their copy first

    3) Misguided desire to share - they think the information is useful to others and want to make it available in whole from their site

    4) Misinformed desire to share - they think the information is useful to others and have no concept as to what copyright is, so they think it is fine to copy-and-paste the whole article

    3 and 4 often come with a lack of knowledge on how to properly credit the source, which only compounds the situation. In this case then 1) doesn't seem to apply, so I'd guess at 2, 3 or 4, but remember Hanlon's Razor ('s_razor)

  2. Wow, this is crazy and thanks for pointing this out. I just replied on his website.

  3. Update: The posts are removed now in that blog

  4. I have installed a google email alert on GEF3D. As this term is highly specific, and the GEF3D community is rather small, I usually get only alerts of my own web publications, especially of my blog postings (Actually it is amazing how fast Google spiders the Planet Eclipse listed blogs: I often get the mail alert a few seconds after having a blog entry published. I'm still wondering if someday Google knows about my blog post before I know ;-)). Anyway, I sometimes get alerts caused by some weird blogs, copying my blog posts. These copies often try to automatically modify the text, so it is not a 1:1 copy anymore. However, the modification is obviously done automatically as it contains typical errors known from automated translated text. I figure these "blogs" only use my text for web search optimization purposes, and eventually for increasing traffic on their ads or whatever. Seems to be another kind of spam...