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Jun 14, 2010

Top 3 things I want in Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo)

3.6 packages are coming to the mirror servers near you, and the reviews are hitting the Planet Eclipse already. Moving on to 3.7, what are the top most features I would love to see in Indigo?

3) Deprecate Actions framework

      Commands are powerful,flexible and better than Actions in many different ways. Actions are simple enough and useful if don't need the flexibility in an RCP application. But for a bigger and extensible app like IDE, Commands make sense. Would be lot better if we get rid of Actions and make all the contributions thru Commands.

2) Packaging in Mac

     The first impression on Eclipse for a Mac user is that its distributed as zip file - not a dmg. Unzipping it does has a, but it has no features of a Mac Application. Packing it as a complete .app would be a great thing (and giving the ability to pack RCP apps in a similar way) A non-Mac user will have no idea of why/how useful this feature is, and so they don't really care about it :-(

1) PDE Custom Attribute

     The custom attribute in the Manifest editor is a boon to every plug-in developer. It opens up a number of opportunities. The two images are might show off what is possible:

Thats just my wish list. Whats yours?


  1. Re Actions/Commands:
    Is there a way to have something like objectContribution with Commands?

  2. Action framework is nice ! I don't like to be deprecated. I prefer a simple and easy bridge between action and command framework with some xml reduction in commands framework.

  3. The ability to export / import your warnings settings. Every time you do a new workspace you have to manually set the up and our developers forget to do that always.

  4. What about adding "Any plan to make it faster?" Eclipse IDE could be a great framework, it is just drastically slow (even after removal of unused plugins).

  5. what about headless build fully compatible with Maven2

  6. I want the code base to be Java 5 compatible with generic etc but I guess this is only a dream

  7. To be able to save all (in general) preferences, I am still setting up different properties (of UI) again and again (b/c of accidental errors of eclipse, updates, new workspaces, etc.) and I need still the same.