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Sep 22, 2009

Catching up with Milestones and I-Builds

Helios M2 is released. Now the biggest problem for the early adopters would be how to catch up with these milestones. Every time, you have to download the milestone build, and then update it with all your required plugins (svn, mylyn, etc). If you are on the I builds, then you have to do this on every week. If you feel that its a painful process, here is a tip.

The  p2 repos for Eclipse are not only for the stable releases, but also for the Milestones, I Builds and Nightly builds.

Nightly Builds:

The build schedule is available here.

Go to your Preferences and add the required repo in your Available Software Site preferences (and disable all others, it will be slow to update).

Also enable the automatic updates. You are done. Whenever there is a new Milestone (or an I-Build), then your Eclipse gets updated automatically to it and you don't have to worry about installing other required plug-ins.

Enjoy with the latest and greatest without any pains :-)


  1. How about a word on Schedules Synchronize with CVS repository too? That helps in keeping the code in sync with the build.

  2. @Ankur,
    Wow! I never knew such thing exists. I manually sync the code everyday. Will use it for a week and update this blog post with that. Thanks!